Office of Planning, Research, Effectiveness, and Development

Contact Information

Fonda Vera
Executive Dean of Planning, Research, Effectiveness, and Development
Phone: 972-238-6992

Planning, Research, and Effectiveness Staff

Bao Huynh
Director, Institutional Effectiveness
Phone: 972-238-6953

Rick Leyva
Director, Institutional Research
Phone: 972-761-6817

Guyla Davis
Senior Research Analyst
Phone: 972-238-6340

Randy Fultman
Research Associate
Phone: 972-238-6345

Mary Frances Gibbons (0.50 FTE)
QEP Faculty Liaison
Phone: 972-238-6075

Development Staff

Garth Clayton
Dean, Resource Development
Phone: 972-238-6357

Debbi Richards
Director, Corporate and Community Relations
Phone: 972-238-6969

Barb Golightly
Senior Administrative Assistant, Post-Award Grant Management
Phone: 972-238-6204

Office Mission

The Office of Planning, Research, Effectiveness, and Development (OPRED) supports and deploys Richland College’s commitment to performance excellence through strategic planning, institutional research, assessment of institutional effectiveness, resource development, and continuous improvement efforts.

Service Expectations

OPRED supports and deploys the commitment to performance excellence by

  • coordinating the college’s strategic planning and data-informed decision-making processes
  • providing timely and accurate data in a format that is easy to read and understand
  • offering professional development and individualized guidance  in planning, assessment, and continuous improvement to employees and workgroups
  • directing and monitoring the college’s continuous improvement processes
  • finding money for projects and programs that support the college's strategic plan
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