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End of Year Report

During the past couple of years, it has been difficult to complete the End of Year Report because trend data and charts from the previous reports have not been readily available causing re-work and mistakes.  The Coordinator of Research will assemble all charts and graphs used in the 2006-07 EOY into one file to be shared with all OPRIE staff for the purpose of identifying improvements to implement during the 2007-08 report.

Office of Planning and Research for Institutional Effectiveness

Step 4

Submitted:  January 2008


Managing and Reducing Admissions and Registration Lines During Peak Registration Phase I

The implementation/improvement need is to manage and reduce registration and advising lines during peak registration.  This ranges from decreasing the number of students who wait to register the last few weeks of registration to managing the lines that seem to be inevitable because of the nature of peak registration and the start of the new semester.

Tony Summers
Oscar Lopez
Winona Whited
Jean Conway
Cindy Berry

Step 4

Submitted:  January 2008



Assigning New Hires to Visions of Excellence

There has been uncertainty in the past concerning who is required to participate in VOE.  Also, there has not been a definite system in place whereby Michael Iachetta has received the names of participants.  In some cases, this has led to participants not being notified of the requirements in a timely manner.

Michael Iachetta

Step 4

Submitted:  December 2007


Pre-Screen Students Selected for Verification

We will pre-screen students’ verification data at the front counter and if corrections to the data are needed we will refer the student to our Resource Room.  By pre-screening their application and identifying the corrections, students will be able to correct their own data.  This will Ensure Student Success.

Financial Aid Office

Step 4

Submitted:  March 2008


QEP TOLI Participant Intake

A process is needed to collect QEP participant names and hours in order for employees to be current with their TOLI core hours.  The proposed solution is to have all employees, who are in charge of their departmental QEP, register their employees who have participated using the TOLI electronic registration form, located on the TOLI website.  TOLI will e-mail RLC with directions and the link to the registration form at the end of April each year.  All employees must be registered by Mid-May.  This will allow TOLI time to input the information by late May.

Nancy Kammerer
Marisa Patlan
Tacia Dilliard

Step 4



New Employee CE Set-up

The need is to identify someone in CE to enter all new employees as CE/SE students.  TOLI is unable to enter new employees as SE students which is needed in order to give them TOLI credit in Colleague.  Currently, we send an excel spreadsheet to Donna Walker and she enters them.  Donna has now taken on additional duties with her new role and has asked us to find someone in CE to enter this data.

Nancy Kammerer
Bill Dial

Step 4

Submitted:  10/2008/p>


Process for Employee Internal Transfers

We will design a process for employees, supervisors and HR to follow when an employee accepts a position in a different division/department within Richland College.

Pat Bollin
Bill Dial
Debra Lockhart

Step 4

Submitted:  11/2008


DCCCD Employee E-mail Addresses

We will design a process for the assignment of a new employee DCCCD e-mail and GroupWise address.  The process should allow us to expedite the completion and return of the LAN/Office Support ID Request form to it by 10:00 a.m. on the first day of Richland employment for full-time employees.  Currently, this form is not completed until later which causes delays.

Pat Bollin,
Andrew Lazo
Debra Lockhart
Tim Vaughan
Greg Thomas

Step 7

Submitted:  11/ 2008


Telephone Stipend Implementation Process

The need for a streamlined process to originate, process, and approve telephone stipends for employees was identified by Richland Human Resources.  The implementation of this process needed to be defined in order that there was a clear and easily understood method for the approval of telephone stipends.

Jasmine Nguyen
Andrew Lazo
Bill Dial

Step 4

Submitted:  1/2009

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