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The primary goal of the League for Innovation in the Community College's five year Learning College project is to foster the development of more learning-centered community colleges across the United States and Canada. To support this effort the League had identified twelve Vanguard Community Colleges who will serve as national models in the "Learning Revolution."

The Vanguard Learning Colleges will develop individual plans and projects addressing the five Learning College objectives, and will share their progress information and project results with community colleges across the country. In addition, the League will document the project and disseminate the results.

Richland College was identified as one of the twelve Vanguard colleges as a result of a nationwide search.

Richland College is a Teaching, Learning, Community-Building institution. The learning needs and expectations of students and community--as well as work-related needs of colleagues--inspire and animate our work. To this end we unite to provide the highest quality learning environment.

The words, "Teaching, Learning, Community-Building" have been used to capture the core of Richland College's vision and statement of purpose for more than twenty years. In fact, these words have been strategically placed at the entrance of every door to the college as a reminder to all who enter.


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